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Design of force and strain sensors

The different designs of the force sensors and strain sensors offer a wide range of uses and applications

Strain measurement - compact and user-friendly

Compact strain sensor for dynamic applications. Permanent storage of zero adjustment, without limitation of taring operations.

Tie bar strain / column strain measurement via WLAN

Do you need to measure the tie bar strains and load distribution of an injection molding or die casting machine? With the X-302 you can easily measure them via WLAN for final acceptance or service.

Load measurement for individual ropes in elevators

Need to monitor load and tension on individual elevator ropes? The new XCL-171 offers a cost-effective and easy-to-use solution.

Strain sensor with scalable measuring range

Strain sensors with switchable measuring range are very flexible and universally applicable for different nominal strain ranges.

The option "switchable measuring range" was specially designed for a wide range of application covering: Four pre-calibrated measuring ranges (62.5 μm/m, 125 μm/m, 250 μm/m, 500 μm/m) can be selected with a digital input.

Zero point adjustment of strain sensors

Installation-Zero und Process-Zero - Zero point adjustment of strain sensors at X-Sensors

Strain sensor for indirect force measurement

Force measurement with strain sensors: X-Sensors offers a new strain sensor which has a "best in class" sensitivity of 3 mV/V at a nominal strain of 250 μm/m.

Strain Transducer with Zoom-Function

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