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local load


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The solutions of X-SENSORS
implements load measurements
in all conceivable installation situations.

Measuring loads in


X-SENSORS offers solutions for load
measurement in every conceivable
type of installation.

Measurement on


With flexible solutions
X-SENSOR, you can measure forces
in the different press types
particularly reliable manner.

Measurement in
injection molding


Solutions from X-Sensors will let you
measure pressure and force with
assured repeatability.

It is often necessary to measure physical parameters such as force, bending and torsion moments and elongation, in locations where at first glance no obvious solution is apparent.

Take advantage of our broad know-how in the field of measurement technology and sensor technology. Decades of experience and many successfully completed projects are our references. X-Sensors can provide the know-how and flexibility in applying the underlying technologies to be able to overcome your measuring problem.

Customer specific sensors

In order to obtain accurate and reliable measurement results, it is often inevitable to adapt force and strain sensors to the specific requirements of the application. This allows to take the environment and the measuring task into account as best as possible. X-Sensors has rich experience in the field for specific force and strain sensors and is looking forward to every new challenge!


Many sensors can be bought «off-the-shelf». That is a very good thing and usually the cheapest solution. However, these sensor solutions may limit you, or they may be discontinued, or simply too expensive. There are many reasons to follow the path of development of a specific sensor. Contact us!


You want to know the load a component has to bear? Would you like to compare and verify your FEM model using a comparison measurement? Contact us! We can offer you solutions around the strain gauge technology. This includes material testing, modulus determination, qualification of “3rd party sensors” or the replacement of discontinued products.