Process-Zero for dynamic applications with automatic zero point adjustment (<30 s)

What is a Process-Zero?

Dynamic applications describe recurring, fast measurement cycles, such as often found in presses. In dynamic applications, it is important that the zero point is tared in regular intervals in order to exclude drifting of the measuring signal. The strain transducers offers an input for automatic zero point adjustments.

The zero point adjustment can be triggered via the PLC. If the input is pulled to <3 V, the signal is set to zero (reset) and the zero point adjustment is carried out. If the input is open, the sensor is in measuring mode. The reset logic is alternatively available with “Active-High-Levels” instead of “Active-Low-Levels”.

The zero point adjustment is not saved permanently. This means that the zero adjustment requires a periodic “update”. Therefore, this mechanism is only suitable dynamic applications with cycle times <30 seconds. The zero point adjustment must be triggered every cycle.