Our Force and Strain Sensors are based on proven strain gauge technology.

Via the strain gauges we measure tiny strains in our sensor bodies and convert them into a linear output signal. Matching the Sensors, we have different measuring amplifiers (4-20 mA and ±10 V) in our portfolio, which represent the interface to the control system.

Force sensors are used in a wide variety of areas in mechanical and industrial engineering.

The variety of differentiated designs enable precise measurements at any installation location and use in a wide range of applications.

The Force Sensors are based on strain gauge technology with strain gauges. With appropriate measuring Amplifiers it is possible to convert the signal into a robust industrial signal (4-20 mA or 0-10 V).

Strain sensors, or Strain Transducers, record the strains between the screw-on surfaces. Screwed onto existing structures, the process forces can be measured indirectly via the tiny strains in the rigid constructions.

Strain Transducers are a clever alternative for measuring process forces and represent a compact alternative for Force Sensors measuring in the force flow.

Different designs in robust housings enable use in harsh industrial environments.

Strain gauge measuring Amplifiers are suitable for universal signal conditioning of strain and Force and Weight Sensors with strain gauge full bridge.

The measuring Amplifiers are available with current output (0…20 mA/4…20 mA) and voltage output (0…10 V). The current and voltage output can be operated simultaneously.

Depending on the requirements, different versions are available for dynamic and static applications. The zero point can be adjusted either via a control input or via a potentiometer on the measuring Amplifier.

The Display Units for strain gauge Sensors are universally applicable for reference and peak value measurements. Different Force and Strain Sensors can be connected to the displays for visualisation.

In addition to a portable handheld measuring Device with one or two measuring channels, a portable Display Device for high measuring speeds is available.

We have different accessories for our Strain and Force Sensors. The different measuring Amplifiers amplify the strain gauge signal, similar to the connection boxes, to which, however, several Sensors can be connected.

With further accessories such as cable and connector variants, we individualise our Sensors for any application.

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