Measurement of injection<br>pressure

Measurement of injection

Ring force transducer XC-170

Area: < 3.000 kN
Size: Ø < 510
Notes: optional with integrated amplifier

Ring force transducer XC-170

Flat, compact pressure force transducer for measuring the injection pressure of injection molding machines. Customizable to different machine types. Very high linearity and zero point stability.

  • Very high linearity and zero-point stability
  • High-temperature stability
  • Flat, compact design
  • Suitable for high torques
  • Customizable to different machine types
  • Specific measuring ranges and dimensions available


The XC-170 series force sensors measure the injection pressure in all-electric injection molding machines behind the screw conveyor. The force load cell measures very linear, zero-point stable, and has an overload resistance of 150% of full scale. The solid steel housing and the tight design (IP 54) guarantee trouble-free operation, even under challenging environmental conditions. The sensors are very temperature stable and allow a maximum constancy of the shot weight.

The force sensors have either a passive strain gauge full bridge output or an amplified ± 10 V or 4…20 mA output signal. The measuring range can be adapted precisely to the required injection force. The dimensions and hole pattern can also be specifically adapted to your application and the needed force range.

Individually developed sensors adapted to your task

To obtain reliable measurement results, it is often unavoidable to specifically adapt the force sensors to specific requirements in order to deal with the environment and the measurement task. Please let us know your requirements for the force sensor XC-170:

  • Type/Designation
  • Nominal force
  • Output signal
  • Electrical connection (cable length / connector type)
  • Outer diameter
  • Inner diameter
  • Height
  • Hole pattern

Electrical connection

The force sensors from X-Sensors are based on a strain gauge full bridge with strain gauges. The output signal for this sensor is specified in mV/V. Various input modules of controllers already allow the direct connection of force sensors with strain gauge full bridge.

Additionally, measuring amplifiers with voltage output (0-10 V) and current output (4-20 mA) are available, which amplify the strain gauge full bridges accordingly. The measuring amplifiers are available in a robust field housing or for DIN rail mounting. Brand new is the compact inline amplifier X-201-IN09 from X-Sensors, which can be used universally for static and cyclic measurements and offers an excellent price-performance ratio.

Mechanical connection / design

A very flat and compact design characterizes the ring force transducers. This design allows the use of the compression force sensors under particularly low space conditions.

For mounting, the compression load cell has holes with which it can be easily attached.

Application areas for the ring load cell are high-precision monitoring of pressing operations in manufacturing processes, pressing and joining force monitoring. In particular, the strain gauge force sensor is suitable for force measurement on spindles, e.g., spindle drives and press spindles.


Data sheet – Force sensor XC-170

Ring force transducer XC-170

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