Measurement of injection pressure at injection molding machines

Measurement of injection pressure at injection molding machines

Force sensor XC-170

Area: < 3.000 kN, optional with integrated amplifier
Size: Ø < 510 mm
Notes: Customizable to different machine types


Force sensor XC-170 for measuring the injection pressure on injection molding machines

  • Very high linearity and zero stability
  • High temperature stability
  • Flat, compact design
  • Suitable for high torques
  • Customizable to different machine types
  • Specific measuring ranges and dimensions available


The force sensors of the XC-170 series measure the injection pressure in fully electric injection molding machines behind the mixing screw. The sensor is very linear, has a very stable zero-point and an overload resistance of 150% of the final value. The massive steel construction and the sealed design (IP 54) guarantee trouble-free operation, even under harsh environmental conditions. The sensors are very temperature stable and allow a maximum consistency of the shot weight.

The force sensors have either a passive strain gauge full bridge output or an amplified ± 10 V or 4 … 20 mA output signal. The measuring range can be adjusted exactly to the required injection force. The dimensions and the hole pattern can also be tailored to your application and the required force range.

Individually developed sensors adapted to your task:

In order to obtain reliable measurement results, it is often unavoidable to adapt the force sensors and force transducers to the specific requirements in order to best meet the environment and the measuring task. Tell us your requirements for the force sensor XC-170:

  • Type / Description
  • Nominal force
  • Output signal
  • Electrical connection (cable length / plug type)
  • Outer diameter
  • Inner diameter
  • Height
  • Mounting holes

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Force sensor XC-170

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Scope of application

Presses: Measuring ring in line with the press stroke
When the requirement calls for each single stroke of the press to be measured precisely, this is best accomplished using a calibrated sensor mounted directly in the line of force. Using a measuring ring has the advantage of requiring only a minimal increase in the working space. Its inherently protected form allows it to be placed in the working area.
Injection molding: Injection pressure after the mixing screw
The measurement of injection pressure after the screw is very linear and repeatable. Sensors are FEA-optimized and robust to 150% overpressure. They monitor output and can be matched exactly to the supplied injection profile. The sensors are very temperature stable and ensure the maximum consistency of shot weight.


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