Four-channel indicator

Four-channel indicator

Indicator X-315

Area: 4x measuring channels, 1x aggregated display
Size: 180 x 180 x 85 mm
Notes: Reference measurements with strain gauge sensors


Universal measurement device for strain gauge sensors

  • Suitable for reference measurements for strain and force sensors on injection moulding machines and presses
  • 4 measuring channels for the measurement of closing force and unequal distribution of loads on tie-bars
  • Peak value memory for the analysis of peak measurement values
  • Display with digital zero adjustment and analogue output for continuous recording of measurement values
  • Up to 12 sensor configurations can be stored
  • Automatic detection of full-bridges and 2x quarter-bridges (strain rings)


The indicator X-315 displays four sensors signals individually and the sum off all signals. The simple and fast set-up and the convenient peak value acquisition allow fast and precise measurements on presses and injection moulding machines.

The display unit X-315 can be operated with conventional strain gauge sensors with a full-bridge as well as with strain rings with 2x ¼ strain gauge configuration. The device automatically recognizes the type of connected sensors after switching on and configures itself accordingly.

The display is suitable for the following applications:

  • Measurement of maximum force (peak value measurement)
  • Measuring of load distribution at tie bars
  • Calibration of strain sensors for indirect force measurements
  • Reference measurements
  • Verification of load distribution at large platforms

The digital display shows the measurement values in the units mV / V and με (μm / m). Over the configuration of the tie bar diameter and modulus of elasticity, the measurement value can also be calculated into a weight unit, kN and tons. The display unit can display four individual sensor values, the mean value of all sensors or the sum of all connected sensors.

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Indicator X-315

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Scope of application

Presses: Press force reference measurements
Force measuring devices make it very easy to measure the press force in the working area of the press to verify that the delivered pressure corresponds to the specification. Despite their high pressure capability, these sensors can easily be placed by hand, and can be read out directly using the X-315 display device.
Presses: Universal Display Device
Reference sensors of all descriptions can be coupled to X-SENSORS universal display device. The device shows pressure and force, both from the individual sensors and as an average reading. This analytical device can store specific machine parameters so that the readouts from general-purpose sensors are available directly in engineering units.
Injection molding: Measuring closing pressure
Strain gages can determine the closing pressure by measuring the deflection of the backstop. Using this method both static and dynamic clamping forces can be monitored with high accuracy. These state of the art sensors are easy to incorporate. A wide selection of types facilitates incorporation in various mounting situations. Sensors are available in a range of sensitivities.
Injection molding: Universal display device
The X-315 display unit processes the sensor signals perfectly. It can be placed anywhere and used to output the results as well as displaying them. Close by the four individual displays is a single display which can show either the average or the sum of the readings. The readouts can display results in different ranges and physical units and can also be used as sensor amplifiers producing a standardized output signal. The various parameter values can be stored in advance, simplifying on-site operation.


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