Load measurement at the elevator cabin

Load measurement at the elevator cabin

Load cell X-130

Area: 0,5/1/2/4/8/12/25kN
Size: 40 x 16 mm mm
Notes: Protected against overload


Suitable for load measurement and as universal force sensor

The load cell X-130 is designed as an OEM load cell. It is suitable for load measurement in elevators, either at the fixpoint or under the cabin floor.

The large measuring range and the standardized design make it possible to cover a large range of car-weights and payloads.

When correctly mounted, the measuring signal is proportional to the payload in the cabin. The solid steel housing and sealed design (IP67) guarantee trouble-free operation, even under difficult environmental conditions.


  • Compact design in solid steel housing
  • IP67 protection
  • Fits to all X-Sensors load measurement devices and strain gauge amplifiers
  • Small height of only 16 mm
  • With central hole
  • Optionally available with upper base plate and lower base plate for mounting

Depending on the measuring range, the load cell X-130 has a sensitivity of 1.8 mV/V and 2.0 mV/V.  Furthermore, the load cell can be also calibrated with a measuring amplifier from X-Sensors. Using such a calibrated measurement chain, the X-130 can be shipped with a robust industrial signal (e.g. 0-10 V or 4-20 mA).

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Load cell X-130

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Scope of application

Elevators: Measuring at the anchor point
Sensors can be easily installed for measuring at the machine frame. Only short cables need to used to connect from the measuring location to the electronics. These methods do not affect the existing setup and operation, and are therefore well suited to modernization projects. The sensors incorporate an innovative and effective overload protection system. X-SENSORS offers a unique solution in this area of the market, with multiple proven applications.
Elevators: Measuring underneath the motor frame

Presses: Measuring ring in line with the press stroke
When the requirement calls for each single stroke of the press to be measured precisely, this is best accomplished using a calibrated sensor mounted directly in the line of force. Using a measuring ring has the advantage of requiring only a minimal increase in the working space. Its inherently protected form allows it to be placed in the working area.


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