Interface for up to eight sensors

Interface for up to eight sensors

LON Interface XC-220

Area: 24VDC / LON
Size: 115x65x40 mm
Notes: Field-serviceable force-measuring interface for use with LON networks.


Force measuring interface for 1..8 strain gages with LON bus output.

Up to eight sensors can be connected directly to the WAGO connecting block. The order of connection does not matter. The cable clamp provides strain relief.


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LON Interface XC-220

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Scope of application

Elevators: Output devices
Output devices from X-SENSORS convert sensor measurements into current-loop, voltage, frequency, LON bus, CAN bus, CAN Open, relay closures and so on. If the hardware configuration is know, the electronics can apply null-point correction for especially precise measured results. The output devices can also provide programmable slack-cable detection.
Elevators: Interface


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