Strain gauge amplifier

Strain gauge amplifier

Strain gauge amplifier X-201-IN08

Area: Analogue Output 0-10 V und 4-20 mA
Size: Inline Housing- 79x28x23 mm
Notes: With analogue signal path | External zero point adjustment


Strain gauge amplifier in Inline Housing – For dynamic applications (Process Zero)

  • Universal connection of strain sensors, force sensors and load cell
  • Large input range of 1.0 mV/V to 4.0 mV/V
  • For cyclic applications with external input for automatic zero point adjustment, suitable for periodic zero adjustment processes (process tare)
  • Analogue signal path with fast reaction time


The amplifiers of X-Sensors are suitable for the universal signal conditioning of strain gauges sensors. They are therefore suitable for amplifying the mV-sensor signal of any force and strain sensors and load cells. Thanks to the compact inline housing, the installation of the amplifier can be carried out directly at the measuring point to save space.

Due to the control input for an automatic zero point adjustment, the amplifier should be used in cyclic applications. Cyclic applications describe recurring, fast force cycles, such as they can be found in presses. Here it is important that a zero point adjustment is made at regular intervals to prevent drifting of the measuring signal.

Zero point adjustment

The zero point adjustment at these amplifiers are carried out by a digital zero adjustment mechanism. The zero point adjustment is not stored permanently, it is lost after a power off. It provides a non-volatile, stable zero point independent of cycle times. Therefore, it is qualified for all dynamic applications and can be used in all kind applications which require a periodical zero point reset, triggered by a digital input.

The reset input does trigger a zero point adjustment by the PLC. It is available with an “Active Low” and “Active High” Logic.

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Strain gauge amplifier X-201-IN08

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Scope of application

Presses: Measurement at the ram
Load-cells measure the compression or elongation of the press rams. These undergo deformation proportional to the applied force. In this manner the press force can be measured in a very simple and overload-proof manner. This method is cost-effective and requires no increase in the working envelope of the press. The location of the sensors at some distance from the working area ensures good sensor protection and straightforward maintenance.
Presses: Measuring ring in line with the press stroke
When the requirement calls for each single stroke of the press to be measured precisely, this is best accomplished using a calibrated sensor mounted directly in the line of force. Using a measuring ring has the advantage of requiring only a minimal increase in the working space. Its inherently protected form allows it to be placed in the working area.
Injection molding: Injection pressure after the mixing screw
The measurement of injection pressure after the screw is very linear and repeatable. Sensors are FEA-optimized and robust to 150% overpressure. They monitor output and can be matched exactly to the supplied injection profile. The sensors are very temperature stable and ensure the maximum consistency of shot weight.
Injection molding: Die protection
Functional die protection improves tools and machines. X-SENSORS highly-sensitive sensors are appropriate in this application. Using a measuring amplifier, pressures on the order of one kilogram can be recorded, so that even the pressure in PET bottle molds can be monitored. By using two sensors, one in the upper and the other in the lower force path, collisions can be detected over the whole surface of the die set.


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