Compact dimensions with<br>four mounting screws

Compact dimensions with
four mounting screws

Strain sensor X-106

Area: 0-500 µm/m
Size: 70x21.55x17 mm
Notes: ± 10 V or 4-20 mA
With external input for automatic zero-point adjustments

Strain sensor X-106

Compact strain sensor for dynamic applications. Permanent storage of the zero point adjustment, without limitation of the number of taring processes.

  • Analogue signal path with fast response time
  • For dynamic applications with external input for automatic zero-point adjustments, qualified for periodical and recurring zero point adjustment
  • Zero correction is stored permanently also after a power-off
  • Monitoring and documentation of process forces for increased process reliability
  • For indirect force and strain measurements
  • With integrated amplifier with ± 10 V, 4-20 mA or 4-12-20 mA


Dynamic applications describe recurring, fast measurement cycles, as usually found in presses and joining processed. In cyclic applications, it is important that the zero point is tared in regular intervals in order to minimize drifting of the measuring signal. With the digital input, the zero point adjustment can be conveniently taught in via the PLC / control unit.

The strain sensors can be used for the following applications:

  • Monitoring and documentation of process forces for increased process reliability (e.g. presses, welding and clinching pliers, bending machines)
  • Limit value monitoring to avoid overloads
  • Regulations of holding forces

The strain sensors from X-Sensors reliably measure even smallest strains on the surface of flat structures. Thanks to the strong and simple screw-on mounting, the measured values are more than comparable to glued strain gauges. Even more, because of the protecting housing, disadvantages of glued strain gauges are avoided. Thanks to the integrated, extremely low-noise and highly stable signal amplifier, the sensors have an enormous dynamic range.


The surface strain sensor X-106 monitors the strain between its two mounting screws and amplifies this mechanically. As a result, the strain is concentrated inside the measurement element of the strain sensor, a strain gauge measuring bridge. The integrated amplifier provides a signal conditioning and delivers a linear, robust output signal. The solid steel housing and the robust design (IP64) guarantee problem-free operation, even under difficult environmental conditions.

The process forces that occur can be easily calculated by using the measured strains of the machine component. Thus, process forces can be easily measured and monitored using strain sensors. Regardless of the nominal forces, the sensors are very compact in size, easy to install and inexpensive to purchase. Since the sensors are installed on the machine component outside the work area, they represent an elegant alternative to conventional force sensors when space is limited.

Zero point adjustment

The zero point adjustment for these strain tranducer is performed by a digital zero point-adjustment mechanism. The zero point setting is stored permanently, the zero point correction is also available after a power-off event. Thus, a constantly available installation tare is available. The number of taring operations is unlimited.

Therefore these strain sensors are suitable for all dynamic as well as static applications. They can be used in all applications that require a periodic process tare or a one-time installation tare.

The zero point adjustment is triggered via an external control input. The mechanism is available with an “Active Low” and “Active High” logic.


Strain sensor X-106

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