Flat dimensions with four mounting screws

Flat dimensions with four mounting screws

Strain sensor X-103-2

Area: 0-360 µm/m
Size: 93x25x13 mm
Notes: ± 10 V or 4-20 mA | With external input for automatic zero-point adjustments


Compact strain sensor with strain gauge bridge for dynamic applications

  • Flat dimensions with four mounting screws
  • Measuring range: 0…360 µm/m
  • For dynamic applications with external input for automatic zero-point adjustments
  • For indirect force and deformation measurements
  • Measuring very small strains in rigid structures
  • With integrated amplifier with ± 10 V or 4-20 mA

Surface strain sensor X-103 monitors the strain between its two mounting screws and amplifies this mechanically. In this way the strain is concentrated in the measuring area and can therefore be measured using a resistive strain gauge bridge. The integrated low-noise amplifier raises the signal to an easily handled standard industrial output level. The solid steel body and sealed construction guarantees trouble-free installation even under harsh environmental conditions.


  • Force measurement in machineries (e.g. presses, welding tongs, assembly machines)
  • Force measurement in presses and injection-molding machines
  • Monitoring of process parameters and maximum peak values
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Strain sensor X-103-2

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