Measurement between its two mounting flats

Measurement between its two mounting flats

Surface strain sensor X-103-S05

Area: 0-1000 μm/m
Size: 89x26x6.5 mm
Notes: +2 mV/V signal of DMS bridge


Strain sensor with full-bridge strain gauge

  • Very flat design with only 6.5 mm height
  • Strain sensor with mV/V-output (strain gauge measuring bridge)
  • For static and dynamic applications
  • For force, weight and deformation measurements
  • Measuring very small strains in rigid structures

The surface strain sensor X-103 monitors the strain between its two mounting screws and amplifies this mechanically. In this way the strain is concentrated in the measuring area and can therefore be measured using a resistive strain gauge bridge.

These strain sensors are used if the mV/V-signal of a strain gauge measuring bridge is used or if more than one strain sensor should be connected in parallel. This is the case for weight measurements and for force measurement at several tie-bars of a press. The strain sensor will generate a proportional strain gauge bridge signal (mV/V) depending on the stress of the structure.

An extremly solid steelhousing, combined with IP65 protection guarantees troublefree operation, even under harsh and rugged environment conditions.


This strain sensor is suitable for static and dynamic applications:

  • Force measurement in machineries (e.g. presses, welding tongs, assembly machines)
  • Force measurement in presses and injection-molding machines
  • Determination of weight by measuring the deformation in the weight-bearing structure. This is a cost-effective way to retrofit existing construction, e.g. a silo, with a weight measurement.
  • Monitoring of mechanical deformation at components
  • Monitoring of loads at constructions and buildings in order to avoid critical overloading
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Surface strain sensor X-103-S05

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Scope of application

Presses: Measurement at the ram
Load-cells measure the compression or elongation of the press rams. These undergo deformation proportional to the applied force. In this manner the press force can be measured in a very simple and overload-proof manner. This method is cost-effective and requires no increase in the working envelope of the press. The location of the sensors at some distance from the working area ensures good sensor protection and straightforward maintenance.
Injection molding: Die protection
Functional die protection improves tools and machines. X-SENSORS highly-sensitive sensors are appropriate in this application. Using a measuring amplifier, pressures on the order of one kilogram can be recorded, so that even the pressure in PET bottle molds can be monitored. By using two sensors, one in the upper and the other in the lower force path, collisions can be detected over the whole surface of the die set.
Injection molding: Measuring closing pressure
Strain gages can determine the closing pressure by measuring the deflection of the backstop. Using this method both static and dynamic clamping forces can be monitored with high accuracy. These state of the art sensors are easy to incorporate. A wide selection of types facilitates incorporation in various mounting situations. Sensors are available in a range of sensitivities.


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