Structural shapes of Force Sensors

due to the different designs force sensors are suitable for a wide range of applications

The design of our Force Transducers are divided into categories

Compression Force Sensors with inner diameter / through hole

Inner diameter compression force sensors are ideal for overload measurement on ropes and belts. Different sizes of inner diameters guarantee easy installation for measuring tension forces and compression forces. In addition, the compressive force sensors offer high overload characteristics and are available for different measuring ranges.

Column-shaped compressive Force Sensors

The columnar compression force sensors, with their stable compression body, are suitable as compression force sensors in dynamic applications. These force sensors are ideal for measuring compressive forces in limit load monitoring because they feature very high measurement accuracy. The force is applied centrally from above via the contact surface.

Ring-shaped tension and compression Force Sensors

The very flat design of the ring-shaped force transducers allows them to be used in low space conditions. The through holes and the internal thread of the ring load cell ensure easy mounting in this case. In addition, the encapsulated design of the load cell guarantees problem-free operation under difficult environmental conditions. The force is applied centrally from above via the inner ring.

Load Cells

Thanks to their very compact design, the force sensors are perfect for use in very small spaces. The design enables uncomplicated mounting and fast integration. The measurement of the compressive force takes place centrally from above on the force application button. The load cells are suitable for universal use in industrial force monitoring. For this purpose, the load cell has a through-hole through which both suspended loads and compressive forces can be measured via a force application button. The mounting of the compressive force sensors is uncomplicated, either via the thread or via the prefabricated holes.

Inline Force Sensors

The inline force sensors are suitable as compression force sensors and as tensile force sensors. The tensile and compressive force transducers can thus be integrated directly into the force flow and are suitable for static and dynamic applications. The force is introduced via the external threads, which come in different versions depending on the force range.

S-Type Force Sensors

S-shaped tensionand compression force transducers areideal for highly stable force measurements of static loads with a high output signal Thanks to the two internal threads, both compression and tension force measurements can be performed The force introduction takes place via the internal threads.

Reference and precision Force Transducers

High load force transducer for reference force measurements in applications where high accuracies and low lateral force sensitivities are required. Due to the carrying handles and the robust design of the compression load cell, it is very easy to transport the load cell to different locations. The reference and precision load cells are used for the calibration of strain sensors. The force is applied centrally from above.