With the WLAN display unit X-318, force sensors, load cells and strain transducers can be easily and quickly connected to a smartphone or computer via WIFI to visualize their data.

Your advantages

  • Visualization of measurement data without an additional strain gauge display device
  • Monitoring of force curves
  • Recording of measurement data via the integrated data logger and direct download of the measurement data into a csv file
  • With battery or mains connection
  • Very good price-performance ratio
  • 2-4 sensors connectable
  • Wide input range from 1.0 mV/V to 4.0 mV/V for universal connection of resistive strain, force and weight sensors
    IP67 for measurements in harsh environments
  • Visualization directly in the web browser without installation of additional software
  • Transfer of measurement data via WLAN to a smartphone or computer, but no internet connection necessary