Presses Measurement at the ram

Load-cells measure the compression or elongation of the press rams. These undergo deformation proportional to the applied force. In this manner the press force can be measured in a very simple and overload-proof manner. This method is cost-effective and requires no increase in the working envelope of the press. The location of the sensors at some distance from the working area ensures good sensor protection and straightforward maintenance.

Strain gauge amplifier X-201-IP08
Aluminium field housing

Strain gauge amplifier in aluminum field housing - For dynamic applications (Process Zero)...
Analogue Output 0-10 V und 4-20 mA | Aluminium field housing - 115x65x40 mm | With analogue signal path | External zero point adjustment

Strain sensor X-109-8
Wide measuring range

Strain sensor with M12 plug for high strains
Strain sensors for dynamic applications, with Process-Zero (cyclic)...
0-775 µm/m | 88x27x20 mm | ± 10 V or 4-20 mA | With external input for automatic zero-point adjustments