Compressive Force Sensors with inner diameter / through hole

The Force Rings and Compression Force Transducers with inner diameter are ideal for overload measurement on ropes and belts. Different inner diameters guarantee easy mounting for measuring tension forces and compression forces. In addition, the Compressive Force Transducers offer high overload characteristics and are available for different measuring ranges.

Rope Load Sensor for high load measurement

High load Force Transducer for Reference Force measurements in applications where high accuracies and low transverse force sensitivities are required.  

Rope Load Sensors for rope load measurement

With this method, the Sensors are attached to the rope or belt, which works simply and requires no mechanical modifications. The Sensors are overload-proof and equipped with a gentle rope support to prevent wear. The mechanical system is designed to be configured for ropes with diameters from 8 to 22 mm. This solution covers an extensive load range from 30 to 1500 kg per rope.