Force sensors

X-Sensors produces force sensors for different applications. Different designs allow to be used in a variety of applications.

The force transducer XC-170 is ideally suited for measuring the injection pressure in injection molding machines and for controlling the press-forces of presses. The flat design allows a space-saving integration.

The force sensors X-134 and XCR-171 are designed for very precise measurements of press-forces. Besides using them for the measuring of process forces, they are also suited for reference measurements on machines. Additionally, The X-134 can also be used for the measurement of pulling forces.

Furthermore, two very compact force sensors are available, which are suitable for the measurement of forces between 0 … 0,5 kN and 0 … 80 kN.

All load cells are suitable for dynamic and static applications in machine and plant engineering.

Annular tensile and compressive force sensors / load cells

Annular tensile and compressive force sensors / load cells
The zero point adjustment can be triggered via the PLC. If the input is pulled to >10 V, the signal is set to zero (reset) and the zero point adjustment is carried out.

The zero point adjustment is carried out by a digital zero adjustment mechanism. The zero point adjustment is stored permanently, it is not lost after a power off. mehr

Columnar compressive force transducers

Compression force sensor with through-hole for load measurements on threaded rods and bolts

Inline Force Sensor

Inline Force Sensors
The inline force sensors are suitable as compressive force and tensile force sensors. The force is introduced via the external threads, which are available in different versions depending on the force range. The tensile and compressive force transducers can thus be integrated directly into the force flow and are suitable for static and dynamic applications. mehr

Button Force Sensor / Loadcell

Button force sensors (load cells)
Thanks to their very compact design, the button force sensors are perfect for use in very small spaces. The design of the load cells enables uncomplicated mounting and fast integration. The measurement of the compressive force takes place centrally from above on the force application button. mehr

button force sensor

Button force sensor for measuring compressive forces in the range of 0.5 - 50 kN. Size Ø 50 x 25 mm. Stainles...
0.5 - 50 kN | Ø 50 x 25 mm | with force application knob

Button force sensor X-138-L
force sensor

Load cell for measurement of compressive forces in the range of 2.5 - 1000 kN. The button force sensor has a s...
2.5 - 1000 kN | Ø 80 x 44 mm to Ø 165 x 80 mm | with force application knob

Button force sensor X-138-P
With mounting plate

Load cell for measuring compressive forces with mounting plate. Force range 3 - 500 kN. Size from Ø 74 x 41 m...
3 - 500 kN | Ø 74 x 41 mm to Ø 132 x 97 mm | with force application knob

Force Sensor / Loadcell

Compressive Force Sensors / Load Cells
The load cells of this category are suitable for universal use in industrial force monitoring. For this purpose, the load cell has a through hole, via which both suspended loads and compressive forces can be measured via a force application button. The mounting of the compressive force sensors is uncomplicated, either via the thread or […] mehr

Precision- and reference force sensors

S-Type Force Sensor

S-Type Force Sensor
S-shaped tension and compression force transducers are ideal for highly stable force measurements of static loads with a high output signal. Thanks to the two internal threads, both compression and tension force measurements can be performed. mehr