Force sensors

X-Sensors produces force sensors for different applications. Different designs allow to be used in a variety of applications.

The force transducer XC-170 is ideally suited for measuring the injection pressure in injection molding machines and for controlling the press-forces of presses. The flat design allows a space-saving integration.

The force sensors X-134 and XCR-171 are designed for very precise measurements of press-forces. Besides using them for the measuring of process forces, they are also suited for reference measurements on machines. Additionally, The X-134 can also be used for the measurement of pulling forces.

Furthermore, two very compact force sensors are available, which are suitable for the measurement of forces between 0 … 0,5 kN and 0 … 80 kN.

All load cells are suitable for dynamic and static applications in machine and plant engineering.

Compression force sensor with through-hole for load measurements on threaded rods and bolts

Inline Force Sensor

Button Force Sensor / Loadcell

button force sensor

Button force sensor for measuring compressive forces in the range of 0.5 - 50 kN. Size Ø 50 x 25 mm. Stainles...
0.5 - 50 kN | Ø 50 x 25 mm | with force application knob

Button force sensor X-138-L
force sensor

Load cell for measurement of compressive forces in the range of 2.5 - 1000 kN. The button force sensor has a s...
2.5 - 1000 kN | Ø 80 x 44 mm to Ø 165 x 80 mm | with force application knob

Button force sensor X-138-P
With mounting plate

Load cell for measuring compressive forces with mounting plate. Force range 3 - 500 kN. Size from Ø 74 x 41 m...
3 - 500 kN | Ø 74 x 41 mm to Ø 132 x 97 mm | with force application knob

Tensile and compression forces (pull and push forces)

Force Sensor / Loadcell

Precision- and reference force sensors