Load cells for elevators

Load sensors for load measuring systems in elevators and for weighing equipment.

Load measurement at the rope suspension

Load measurement at fixed point / rope suspension
Sensors for measurement at can be easily mounted. Only short cables need to be laid from the measuring point to the control system. This method has no influence on the legally required overhead clearance of elevators and is therefore particularly suitable for modernization projects. The sensors have an innovative and effective overload protection. X-SENSORS thus […] mehr

Load measurement under the cabin floor

Measurement under the cabin floor
Measurement at the booth floor enables maximum measurement accuracy. Zero load measurements are accurate to within 5 kg, so that empty booths can be detected with empty booths with certainty. Due to the high resolution of the sensors (1:1000), small loads (up to 5 kg) can be measured as accurately as large loads (up to […] mehr

Load measurement on the yoke

Measurement on the yoke is a cost-effective solution because only one sensor is required, which can be easily mounted without mechanical modifications. At the same time, the accuracy can be significantly increased by connecting a second sensor to the evaluation unit. The sensors are overload-proof, and the method is suitable for modernizations and for new […] mehr

Load measurement under the motor frame

Load measurement under the motor frame
Mounting under the engine frame allows a wide range of car and payload weights to be recorded. The measurement signal is proportional to the payload in the cabin when mounted correctly. The compact force transducers are mounted under the engine frame and thus guarantee problem-free operation of the load force sensor, even under difficult environmental […] mehr

Load measurement on the rope

Load measurement on the rope
With this method, the sensors are attached to the rope or belt, which works simply and requires no mechanical modifications. The sensors are overload-proof and equipped with a gentle rope support to prevent wear. The mechanical system is designed to be configured for ropes with diameters from 8 to 22 mm. This solution covers an […] mehr

Load measuring interfaces for elevators

Load measuring interfaces
Evaluation units from X-SENSORS convert the measured values of sensors into current, voltage, frequency, LONbus, CAN-Bus, CANopen, relay output, etc.. The electronics carries out a zero point correction by the floor detection for particularly precise measurement results. Furthermore, the evaluation units have a programmable slack rope detection. mehr