Signal amplifiers for strain gauge sensors

The amplifiers from X-Sensors are suitable for universal signal conditioning of strain sensors, force sensors and weight sensors with a strain gauge full-bridge.

The amplifiers are available with current output (0 … 20 mA / 4 … 20 mA) and voltage output (0 … 10 V). Both can be operated simultaneously.

Versions for dynamic and static applications are offered. Accordingly, the zero point adjustment can be performed by a PLC input or via a potentiometer inside the amplifier. The amplifiers have a fully analog signal path and provides very fast measuring speed of up to 5000 Hz

Universal strain gauge amplifiers for all applications

Strain gauge amplifier X-201-IN09
Strain gauge amplifier

Easy to operate, inexpensive to purchase - the new strain gauge measuring amplifiers from X-Sensors...
Analogue Output 0-10 V and 4-20 mA | Inline Housing - 89.6x36x30 mm | Inexpensive measuring amplifier
can be used for all applications

IIoT Gateway with MQTT cloud connection

IoT Gateway for strain sensors
You need remote monitoring and want to transfer measurement data to a cloud? X-Sensors' IoT Gateway provides easy connectivity to popular cloud systems and IoT platforms. mehr

Strain gauge amplifiers with Process-Zero - For dynamic applications

Process-Zero for dynamic applications with automatic zero point adjustment
The zero point adjustment can be triggered via the PLC. If the input is pulled to >10 V, the signal is set to zero (reset) and the zero point adjustment is carried out.

The zero-point adjustment is carried out by a digital zero-point adjustment mechanism. The zero-point adjustment is stored within the sensor. But it should be noted that the zero point is not stored in the event of a power cut-off. mehr

Strain gauge amplifiers with Installation-Zero - For static applications