Signal amplifiers for strain gauge sensors

The amplifiers from X-Sensors are suitable for universal signal conditioning of strain sensors, force sensors and weight sensors with a strain gauge full-bridge.

The amplifiers are available with current output (0 … 20 mA / 4 … 20 mA) and voltage output (0 … 10 V). Both can be operated simultaneously.

Versions for dynamic and static applications are offered. Accordingly, the zero point adjustment can be performed by a PLC input or via a potentiometer inside the amplifier. The amplifiers have a fully analog signal path and provides very fast measuring speed of up to 5000 Hz

Universal strain gauge amplifiers for all applications

Strain gauge amplifier X-201-IN09
Strain gauge amplifier

Easy to operate, inexpensive to purchase - the new strain gauge measuring amplifiers from X-Sensors...
Analogue Output 0-10 V and 4-20 mA | Inline Housing - 89.6x36x30 mm | Inexpensive measuring amplifier
can be used for all applications

Strain gauge amplifiers with Process-Zero - For dynamic applications

Process-Zero for dynamic applications with automatic zero point adjustment
The zero point adjustment can be triggered via the PLC. If the input is pulled to >10 V, the signal is set to zero (reset) and the zero point adjustment is carried out.

The zero-point adjustment is carried out by a digital zero-point adjustment mechanism. The zero-point adjustment is stored within the sensor. But it should be noted that the zero point is not stored in the event of a power cut-off. mehr

Strain gauge amplifiers with Installation-Zero - For static applications