Strain sensors / Strain transducers

Strain sensors, or strain transducers, measure the deformation between its two mounting screws.

A load-bearing structure is slightly deformated by forces and weights which are applied to it. These tiny deformations, ususally about 50 to 360 µm/m, can be measured by strains sensors which are mounted on the load-bearing structure. Because the deformation is proportional to the applied force, the load can be determined by using a strain sensor.

X-Sensors has strain sensors for static and dynamic applications in different designs. The sensors are available with amplified signals (0-10 V or 4-20 mA) and with a DMS full-bridge output (mV/V).

The mounting of strain sensors outside the machine’s workspace allows a space-saving and protected mounting. These strain sensors are a smart alternative for the determination of process forces. When measuring large loads, they represent a very compact and cost-effective alternative for force sensors.

Different designs in robust housings enable them to be used in harsh industrial environments.

Strain sensors with Process-Zero - For dynamic applications

Process-Zero for dynamic applications with automatic zero point adjustment
The zero point adjustment can be triggered via the PLC. If the input is pulled to >10 V, the signal is set to zero (reset) and the zero point adjustment is carried out.

The zero-point adjustment is carried out by a digital zero-point adjustment mechanism. The zero-point adjustment is stored within the sensor. But it should be noted that the zero point is not stored in the event of a power cut-off. mehr

Strain sensor X-109-8
Wide measuring range

Strain sensor with M12 plug for high strains
Strain sensor for dynamic applications for limit value monitoring to avoid overloads. Force measurement via st...
0-775 µm/m | 88x27x20 | ± 10 V or 4-20 mA
With external input for automatic zero-point adjustments

Strain sensor X-113-8
Easy mounting with two screws

Strain sensor with M12 plug and cable outlet
Strain sensor for dynamic applications, with process tare Cyclic with analog signal path for fast response tim...
0-360 µm/m | 93x25x20.3 | ± 10 V or 4-20 mA
With external input for automatic zero-point adjustments

Strain sensors with Installation-Zero - For static applications

Strain sensors for harsh environmental conditions (IP68)

Strain sensors without integrated amplifier (1.0 - 3 mV/V)

Strain measurement with mobile strain sensors

Strain sensors for limited mounting space