Strain sensor with scalable measuring range


The X-Sensors strain sensors are available with a ± 10V or 4-20mA output signal. Until now, the strain sensors have been delivered with a fixed calibrated measuring range. This nominal measuring range of the sensor was dimensioned for the maximum strain experienced in the frame structure the sensor is applied on. A switchable measuring range is now available, which can be freely selected depending on the application.

With the help of the switchable measuring range, the same strain sensor can always be used for different machine types. This enables simplified logistics in purchasing and service.

Measuring range

In total, four pre-calibrated measuring ranges are available. This allows the following pre-calibrated measuring ranges to be configured before or after installation of the strain sensor by using a digital input:

    • 0…62.5 µm/m
    • 0…125 µm/m
    • 0…250 µm/m
    • 0…500 µm/m


In addition to adjusting the measuring range, the zero point in the strain sensors can be taught-in as usual. For static and dynamic applications, the “Installation zero point adjustment” and the “Process Zero point adjustment” are available.

The strain sensors are mounted on the machine frame. Strain sensors for force measurement have advantages in terms of their compact dimensions and their easy retrofitting outside the work space. In addition, the sensors are overload-proofed and the dynamic properties of the machines it is applied on are not affected.

The strain sensors from X-Sensors are available in different designs. Suitable models are available for mounting with four M6 screws as well as two M8 screws. We are happy to advise you in the selection of the appropriate strain sensor. Please feel free to contact us!