Force measurement on presses

With our flexible solutions you can measure forces in a wide range of press types in a reliable way.


Measurement on the frame


Measurement in force flow


Reference measurement of the press force

Force and strain measurements on presses at any location

Joining, riveting, punching, bending, welding… the applications of presses in joining, cutting and forming technology are countless and always find new fields of application.

With Sensor technology from X-SENSORS, Force measurement can be reliably realised, whether as a conventional force sensor in the force flow or as a strain Sensor on the column or machine frame. With miniature sensors, machining forces can be measured directly in the tool up to 200kN.

Of course, the appropriate measuring amplifiers, cable sets and accessories are also available. The high-load cylinders, precision load cells and digital indicators from X-SENSORS make testing and calibrating presses easy.

X-SENSORS offers a wealth of experience in measuring presses.

Are you thinking about which Sensor is best suited for your task?

We will advise you on the selection. With our many years of experience, we will work with you to find the optimal solution for your system, both technologically and economically.

Measurement on the frame

Strain Sensors measure the deflection or elongation of the press frame.

This deforms in proportion to the force applied. In this way, the press forces can be measured very easily and overload-proof. This method is cost-effective and does not require any height in the working area of the press.

Due to the spatial distance to the process, the Sensors are well protected and easy to install.

Measurement in force flow

If it is necessary to document each individual pressing process very precisely, then the use of a calibratable sensor mounted in the force flow is recommended.

The use of a measuring ring has the great advantage that it requires only a minimum of height in the working area.

Due to its high protection class, it can be used in the immediate vicinity of the process without hesitation. The high-precision force measuring cylinders are also screwed directly into the force flow and measure even very high forces with little inherent deformation.

Reference measurement of press force

Load Cells make it possible to measure the press force in the press chamber very accurately in order to obtain a comparison with the force display of a system.

Despite the high forces and weights, the mobile Load Cells are easy to handle. They can be connected directly to our Display Units.

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