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The solutions of X-Sensors
implements load measurements
in all conceivable installation situations.

Strain gauge Sensors for Force and Strain measurements. Global production sites (Switzerland, Eastern Europe and Far East) for small and large series

Do you need support for the realisation of your force measurement? We as a Sensor manufacturer will be happy to advise you!

We have 20 years of experience in the development and production of Force and Strain Sensors for various applications. In addition to our standard Sensors, as a Sensor manufacturer we specialise in customised Force Sensors for OEM applications. Our goal is to offer the optimal solution in terms of technology and price. Our force sensors are used in a wide range of applications where functionality and cost efficiency are paramount. Thanks to our production sites in Switzerland, Eastern Europe and the Far East, we can produce our force sensors cost-effectively in both individual small and large series.

Innovations by X-Sensors


Our Force and Strain Sensors are based on proven strain gauge technology.

We use strain gauges to measure tiny strains in our Sensor bodies and convert them into a linear output signal. To match the Sensors, we have different measuring Amplifiers (4-20 mA and ±10 V) in our range, which represent the interface to the control system.

Our Force and Strain Sensors are used in various industries to precisely measure the forces that occur there.

Our Sensors are mainly used in the elevator, press and injection molding technology. However, our strain gage Sensors are the perfect solution in more than these areas.

Next Generation Lift Load Measurement: Single Rope Load Sensor XCL-171

The new load measurement for lifts: Cost-effective and with single rope monitoring.
  • Time saving due to simple and universal installation directly in the rope suspension system
  • Monitoring of rope tension during operation for accurate maintenance
  • Adjustment of uniform rope tension during installation or pre-commissioning
  • Unit-sensitive, i.e. can be used without calibration weights
  • For rope suspension with M10 / M12 / M16 and M20 threaded rods

Our Strain Sensor X-106: hole drilling with 53mm spacing

Four M6 holes with 53mm spacing for easy mounting. Compact strain sensor for dynamic applications. Permanent storage of zero adjustment, without limitation of taring operations.

  • Analogue signal path with fast response time
  • Permanent storage of zero point adjustment even in case of power failure, without limitation of taring operations
  • Monitoring and documentation of process forces for increased process reliability (e.g. joining forces, automatic assembly, press force, detection of tool breakage and wear)

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