Measurement of compression<br>and tensile forces

Measurement of compression
and tensile forces

Flat tension/compression force sensor X-134-S

Area: 2-20 kN
Size: Ø 68 x 25 mm
Notes: Internal thread M16x1.5

Flat tension/compression force sensor X-134-S

Flat tension/compression force sensor. Highest precision. Force range 2-20 kN. M16 x 1.5 female thread. Easy mounting with 8 screws.

The high-precision X-134-S tension and compression force sensor with its flat design is very well suited for the application in low space conditions. The load cell has a diameter of 68 mm.

An M16 x 1.5 female thread leads through the center axis of the force transducer, to which a load application button or an adapter part can be attached, via which the force application takes place. The load cells can be supplied with a factory calibration certificate on request.

The load cell measures linearly in the force range of 2 – 20 kN based on the proven strain gauge technology. The load cell is suitable for measuring static and dynamic compressive and tensile forces.

The solid steel housing and the tight design according to IP66 guarantee trouble-free operation, even under difficult environmental conditions.


  • Highest precision
  • Solid steel housing
  • With internal thread M16x1.5 as force introduction
  • Encapsulated design IP66
  • Easy mounting with metal screws
  • Measuring ranges from 2 kN to 20 kN available

Electrical connection

The force sensors from X-Sensors are based on a strain gauge full bridge with strain gauges. The output signal for this sensor is specified in mV/V. Various input modules of controllers already allow the direct connection of force sensors with strain gauge full bridge.

Additionally, measuring amplifiers with voltage output (0-10 V) and current output (4-20 mA) are available, which amplify the strain gauge full bridges accordingly. The measuring amplifiers are available in a robust field housing or for DIN rail mounting. Brand new is the compact inline amplifier X-201-IN09 from X-Sensors, which can be used universally for static and cyclic measurements and offers an excellent price-performance ratio.

Mechanical connection / design

Due to the flat design, the tension / compression load sensor is remarkably versatile.

The flat compression load cell’s mounting on grounded and hardened surfaces is uncomplicated through the 8 screw holes. Existing structures can be easily retrofitted with the strain gauge force sensor in this way.

Fields of application are reference measurements, mechanical engineering, force detection and control in assembly and joining devices, measurement of press-in and insertion forces, and function control of assemblies.


Data sheet X-134-S

3D CAD – X-134-S

Flat tension/compression force sensor X-134-S

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