Load measurement Sensor X-132

especially suitable for lift technology

For accurate under-cab load measurements

The load measurement sensor X-132 is designed as an OEM load sensor. This is suitable for load measurement in lifts under the lift cabin. The load measurement system is mounted below the cabin floor and provides load measurement with the highest precision. The measurement on the cabin floor enables a very high accuracy. This means that both empty cabins and overload cases can be measured with the highest degree of certainty. The sensor can be mounted on a damper block with different degrees of hardness to avoid possible transmission of vibrations to the cabin. Due to its high accuracy and easy mounting, the load cell X-132 is ideal for installation in new installations.


  • Highly precise load measurement
  • easy mounting under the cabin floor
  • Ideal for new installations
  • Permanent mounting

Installation and deployment

The sensors can be connected directly to the X-232 load measurement interface from X-Sensors. Subsequently, three switching points for empty cabin, full load and overload are available, in addition to other functions. As soon as the sensor is connected to the control unit, an automatic calibration with highest accuracy takes place and an adjustment with test weights is no longer necessary. This means regular maintenance is not required and allows permanent mounting.

Electrical connection

The sensors are based on a strain gauge full bridge with strain gauges. The output signal of this sensor is specified in mV/V. Various input modules of controllers already allow the direct connection of force sensors with strain gauge full bridge. In addition, load measuring devices are available which connect the sensor to the control system.

Technical specifications

measuring range


mounting location

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