Strain Transducer X-109-8

particularly suitable for cyclic applications

For accurate measurements of recurring, rapid force cycles

Cyclic applications describe recurring, rapid cycles of force. In cyclic applications it is important that the zero point is tared at regular intervals to prevent drifting of the measurement signal.

The Strain Sensors can be used for the following applications:

  • Force measurement via strains in the frame of machines enable efficient control of relevant process parameters (e.g. presses, automatic assembly machines, welding machines, detection of tool breakage and wear, clamping devices, feed force)
  • Limit value monitoring to avoid overloads
  • Monitoring and documentation of process forces for increased process reliability

X-Sensors Strain Transducers reliably measure even small strains on the surface of flat structures. Despite the simple screw-on mounting, the measured values are comparable to glued-on strain gauges, avoiding their disadvantages. Thanks to the integrated, extremely low-noise and highly stable signal Amplifier, the Sensors have an enormous dynamic range.


  • Analogue signal path with fast response time
  • For cyclic applications with external reset or tare control input for automatic zero point adjustment, suitable for periodic zero point adjustment processes
  • Monitoring and documentation of process forces for increased process reliability
  • Protected mounting away from moving parts
  • Integrated measuring amplifier, optionally with ± 10 V or 4-20 mA / 0-20 mA as robust output signal

Measuring principle

How it works

The Strain Sensor X-109-8 detects the strain between the two screw-on surfaces and amplifies it mechanically. This concentrates the strain on the measuring point, where it can be easily detected with a resistive measuring bridge. The integrated bridge Amplifier takes care of signal conditioning and provides a uniform, robust output signal. The solid steel housing and the tight design (IP54) guarantee problem-free operation, even under difficult environmental conditions.

Zero point tare

The zero point adjustment on these Strain Sensors is done by a digital zero point adjustment mechanism. The zero point setting is not permanently stored, i.e. it is lost after switching off. Stable process tare is therefore available regardless of cycle times. Therefore, these Strain Sensors are suitable for all dynamic applications. They can be used in all applications that require a periodic zero point reset.

The zero point adjustment is triggered via an external reset, or tare control input. The mechanism is available with “Active Low” and “Active High” logic.

Technical specifications

measuring range

, ,

Bauform / Montage

Anwendung / Tarierung



, ,

Electrical connection

(K) Messbereich (in µm/m)
(K) Electrical connection

M12 – 5pol. Plug

(K) Output signal

± 10 V, 0-10 V, 4-12-20 mA, 4-20 mA

(K) Application


(K) Mounting position

Closing force and mold protection, Measurement on the frame/bracket

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