Strain Transducer X-117-1AX

especially suitable for applications in harsh environments

For accurate measurements of very high strains

The Strain Transducer X-117 is characterized by its extremely robust design (IP68) and the high measuring range of up to 1500 µm/m. This makes the Sensor ideal for static measurements and monitoring tasks even under harsh or harsh environmental conditions. The Strain Transducer is ideally suited for use in the following areas:

  • Load monitoring (heavy duty)
  • Filling measurements and force monitoring
  • Weight monitoring

The X-117-1AX Strain Transducer is quick and easy to install. Even small strains on the surface of flat structures are measured reliably. The measured values are comparable to bonded strain gauges, avoiding their disadvantages.


  • Cost effective solution for OEM applications
  • indirect measurement of strain
  • Simple and space-saving mounting directly on the construction surface
  • Robust design in IP68
  • 0…2000 µm/m nominal measuring range

Measurement principle and use

Thanks to its robust design, the Strain Sensor can be used in almost any environment, in any weather, and even under water if necessary. The IP68 rated design makes the Strain Transducer particularly suitable for outdoor applications and also for mobile applications in heavy vehicle construction.


The Strain Sensor X-117-1AX measures a load or force indirectly via strain. The Sensor detects the strain between the two screw-on surfaces and mechanically amplifies it in the Sensor. This concentrates the strain on the measuring point and can be converted into an electrical signal using a resistive measuring bridge.

The output signal is proportional to the measured strain.

Technical specifications

measuring range

Bauform / Montage

Anwendung / Tarierung

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Electrical connection


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